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MEWA allows you to make simple and advanced video edition using image sequences
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MEWA Film has made video making simple. This application allows you to perform from simple video edition up to add 3D effects and slightly more advanced editions. Although it is now in an Alpha stage (this application has always been in alpha stage in each and every one of its versions) , it does not seem much like an alpha. MEWA Film allows you to make basic and advanced editing on your videos in a convenient and intuitive way. It is multiplatform (Windows, Linux) and is free for personal use (purchase assistance is for commercial use). If you're editing video, you should keep a careful sight in MEWA Film.

Like most advanced tools of its kind, this program brings to you things such as 2D/3D scene assembly with flowcharts, hardware acceleration, scripts use and open architecture. The latter allows you to add all kinds of extensions (using scripts), despite they are done with a proprietary file format.

This application would serve as Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects together in one, in order to edit, add effects and perform the video postproduction. This gives you great work flexibility, since everything is in the same environment and the edition and the post processes can interact in an easier and more transparent way. You can handle your videos, form the edition up to the postproduction, within Mewa Film.

The flow used for Mewa Film to assemble the composition is very comfortable, because it shows you clearly how each part is manipulated. Moreover, there are additional details that make its usability one of the better ones, such as the option to open the image in different windows to preview the changes in every step of the process, using the flowchart.

In short, this program does not have much to envy others who are much bigger, heavier, and are quite expensive. MEWA Film is free for personal use, which is a clear advantage. Its current version is 1.4.4 (alpha, of course)

The downside is that you can load your videos in Mewa only as an image sequence (yes, you can´t use video files such as avi, mpeg, rmv, etc., as input), thus, you must use a separate software to convert your video files in an image sequence before you can load them in Mewa.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Free
  • Complete
  • No specialized hardware requirements


  • Resources consuming
  • Uses image sequences as the only input format
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